Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"What people don't understand about birthdays and what no one ever tells us when we're eleven years old, that we are also ten, nine, eight, seven and even down as young as two and one. Some days we might say something stupid and that's part of us that's still ten... or maybe some days we may need to call our mothers for help because we're scared or need an answer to something and that's part of us that's still five .. and maybe some day, when we're all grown up, maybe we'll need to cry like we did when we were three, and that's okay because that's part of us that still is three!”

Indeed, we carry every age within. May you laugh, cry, rejoice, celebrate, remember and touch all these spaces deep inside as you sing Happy Birthday! Make this a day/week/month one of gratitude for your life and what you mean to so many! We should celebrate a birth week or month … certainly something more than a day.

Just having celebrated my 70th birthday and John’s and my 50th wedding anniversary makes me feel very, very old, but more important, very, very blessed. Life has been so much more good than bad that I marvel as I look back. I can’t say I don’t wish for my 20 year old body again with no aches and pains but even so, each new day is a gift and one to be lived in joy.


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