Sunday, June 24, 2012


A friend and I have mysteriously and magically have "connected" through our writing. He and I have never met and probably never will. Reading some of his work on an internet blog has awakened an insight into the pain he expresses in his writing. His words have the ability to generate soul searching and tickle so many nerves of my own making me want I want to help. I really don't know if he reads my blog but want him to know I am thinking of him and praying he finds the peace he badly so longs for. Perhaps knowing he's not alone and that his demons, while very real, are not what define him. I ask him to take a deep breathe, throw his shoulders back, stand up straight and raise his eyes to the sun. Who isn't in pain? Who hasn't been in pain? All of us hurt. You're not alone. You have lots of company. If you screw up this life you'll cause a hell of a lot more pain for a hell of a lot more people than you think! Thinking a whole lot about you and feeling such a connection through your soul searching writing - Told you before you're very, very good and to waste such talent would be the worst possible action. Having lived with so many drunks, having been one myself, and allowing old debit booze to take over my own precious life gives me the right to lecture. Please my friend, get yourself to the VA. Or not. But for God sakes (and the rest of our sakes) get over your demons. Take a pill; go to church; fall in love again; get outside your crusty broken shell and look up at the clear blue sky; smell the flowers; check out the waves at the sea shore; climb the majestic mountain; feel the warm purifying pond water and swim with the dolphins or soar with the eagles. Just do it. You can do anything you want as long as you want. You are a life worth saving and I want to read more of your wisdom. And don't take too long to get yourself together. Remember, I'm an old lady and don't have an awful lot of time left!

Sunday, June 17, 2012