Monday, April 2, 2012

April 4 – C COOKIES, CANDIES, CUPCAKES AND ICE CREAM It was a fine sunny day with fluffy white clouds sweeping across the clear blue skies. I sat across the street from the newly painted bright pink building that was nestled between two large 3-story Victorian buildings. The sweet little building was no more than fifteen feet wide and perhaps twenty feet in depth. It's very size made a huge statement and my eyes were immediately attracted to this midget among giants of a building. It was one story high and set just a speck back from the street. This created a miniature "garden" in front that served as home to a large pink ceramic pig named Penelope. Eight little piglets that appeared to be scampering playfully around their mom’s feet surrounded Penelope. She stood, smiling delightfully, as she seemed to beckon and welcome patrons to the newly opened Pink Pig Confection Shoppe. Each piglet had a name painted on its haunches identifying the many delectable and exciting sweets for sale. I smiled and just had to go in. I crossed the street to investigate this new addition to our Town Square. But first, I had to stop and pat Penelope Pig's shiny head as she stood guard at the front door. Only then did I enter this sweet little building. I opened the brightly painted magenta door and inside found pure magic. As I stepped thru the entry, I heard the tinkling of a pantry bell and immediately every one of my salivary glands was awakened by the intoxicating smells of chocolate, cinnamon, cherry and every imaginable sweet scent. Smiling clerks whose names were clearly visible on their bright yellow nametags came forward to welcome me. The owner who calls herself The Wizard of Sweets was first to greet me, followed by Jumping Jack, Jolly Polly, Gladys Glowworm, Leaping Lizzie, Flippin' Frog, and Wacky Willy . Each wore their bright yellow nametags proudly and moved among the parents and toddlers explaining the many different treats they were ready to serve. Candies, cookies and cupcakes were shaped like miniature red fire engines, adorable little flowers in all colors, licorice striped zebras, golden tigers and bears, marshmallow kitties, and dark and light brown puppies of all breeds. There was such a cacophony of voices, ‘ooh’s and ah’s’ and “Please Mommy, I want that’” through giggles and laughter that it was difficult to hear the names above the chatter. Of course, there was a Peppermint Pink Pig called a Penelope, a smooth pinkish colored sticky delight called a Cheery Cherry, a smooth clear vanilla wafer loaded with chocolate chips called a Kissy Coin, a citrus flavored delight called a Lemon Louie, and last but not least, an enormous tower of different flavored ice creams piled high into a cone called a Magic Kingdom. The ice cream was whipped to perfection right there in the shop and was a pure culinary delight of all natural ingredients. All treats could be topped with sprinkles, gummy bears, peppermint chips or any combination of nuts. This enchanting little place had fed not only my sweet tooth but my heart and soul as well.


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